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Plasticrecycling in Ireland

In year 2001/ 2002 Messrs Recycling Technik GmbH has delivered 3 entire plants for the production of solid profiles, made of waste plastics to a recycling plant in South-Ireland.

The lay-out of the profile plants is especially designed for „mixed plastic waste“ and consists of:

  • Special-extruder
  • Turret mould carrier system
  • Water trough as well as
  • automatic withdrawal system for profiles

Furthermore, the most different diameters and length’s are manufactured.

Mainly, solid profiles are used in agriculture and horticulture, as they are rot-save and simple to handle.

The annual throughput capacity amounts to approx. 3.500 - 4.000 t/ year and the plants are working to capacity.


A.R.T. erected new Recycling-plant in South Korea

From agriculture film to new products

A new plant for processing of heavy contaminated agriculture film was put into operation in the province of Kwang-Ju (South Korea) by Messrs. - Recycling Technik GmbH (Bad Oeynhausen), supplier of entire recycling plants for production of products made of waste plastics.
The film webs, up to 100 m long, are grinded via a shredder, washed, mechanical pre-dried and then fed via thermal drying to a silo.

To increase strength of the products, the dried film flakes are mixed with nature-fibres to a special developed formulation and then compacted via a pellet press.

The pellets are processed via a quite new designed profile - Rotor R16-3000. On this Rotor, up to 16 profiles with different diameters, up to 3.000 mm length Revolving system for profiles can be manufactured in water-cooled moulds.

Three-dimensional moulded pieces are produced on a second line, e.g. bench-feet , bench-seats and reinforcement blocks. The total capacity of preparation amounts to ca. 1.500 kg contaminated film per hour; on the Extruder-lines, ca. 500 - 600 kg/h can be processed.

Buyer of the manufactured profiles, boards, play-appliances, fence- and boundary posts, tables and benches mainly are communes, who considerably increase quality of life in the cities.


Press release 05/2002

New packaging-system from old film

By realization of a new project, - Recycling Technik GmbH Bad Oeynhausen, successfully could convert their aim : “Development of plants for direct processing of mixed resp. problematic waste plastics into high-grade final products.”

The assignment of duties, expected by the customer, to manufacture a packaging - system of best quality, based on plastic pallets, made of a mixture of heavy-printed PP-film as well
as composite film with Aluminium - and PET-share, within short resulted in the decision to use the Low Pressure Moulding Technique.

The components, supplied by , consist of:

  • Mixing Silos
  • Recycling Extruder with double degassing unit
  • Gravimetric mixing- and dosing system
  • Pressure dosing unit with injection-cylinder and melt manifold system
  • 4 Mould Support Units, each 10.500 KN locking pressure
  • Withdrawal robot
  • Conveying technique
  • Pallet-Welding -Unit

The design of the plant makes it possible to produce the required 4 different single pieces for the packaging system simultaneous on the different mould supports and feed the parts direct inline to the down-streamed welding unit. This guarantees no quality-loss, if possible fluctuation of material occurs.

Mould costs are far beyond comparable technologies, as with this process, even extensive pieces - e.g. pallets - with relative low injection pressure of max 150 bar can be manufactured. This makes flexible reactions due to market requirements possible.

As our customer, „Kunststoffwerke Leinefelde GmbH - KWL“, already has many years of experience in preparation and processing of those special plastics, the plant could be transferred within short from putting into operation to production operation.

As the pallet-system, developed by Messrs. KWL already has been well accepted by the customers, there already exist new plans on expansion of the modular designed plant.


Press release K'2001 - 10/2001

For 10 years now, exclusively has been dealing with the design of plastic recycling plants and is not only the supplier for corresponding plants, but also the necessary Know-How, the engineering and product ideas, world-wide.

Even today, on the occasion of the K'2001, can look back on very successful years. Several complete plants have been sold, installed and successfully handed over the customer.

has been specializing especially in complete plants with which it is possible to manufacture finished products out of waste plastics economically, energy saving and at a very favourable price in one working cycle.

Our scope of plants:

Plastics preparation plants

  • dry-preparation plants or
  • wet-preparation plants (incl. side plants)

Plastics processing plants

  • Profiles (Intrusion) or endless-extrusion
  • Molded pieces (pallets, plates....) or
  • Granules


We present:


as modularly system for the production of profiles, molded pieces and / or granules.

The system is equipped with the newest machine components like

  • Gravimetric weighing unit
  • Single Screw Extruder with double degassing unit
  • Continuous screen changer
  • Pressure dosing unit ...
  • Touch Panel control
  • Mold take up device ( plates, profiles or pallets)
  • Automatic withdrawal robot
  • Plastic welding unit


Further Trade Show Novelty presented by:

The mold take up device unit FT as single machine for conversion of existing plants with following data:

  • max. locking pressure 10.000 kN
  • max. tool size 1.800 x 1.700 x 500 mm
    complete with hydraulic, discharge and injection valve


Press release 07/2000

A Complete plastic recycling plant has been delivered by Messrs to a private investor in Sachsen/Germany.

The machines and plants have a capacity of ca. 12.000 t / year input. Raw material are mixed and soiled plastics deriving from household and industry.

a) High-grade HD-PE compounds
ca. 6.000 - 7.000 t / year
b) Pallets made of mixed plastics
ca. 2.000 t / year
as well as c) Solid profiles
ca. 800 - 1.000 t / year

The plant is build on an area of 2.000 m2 industrial space (encl. Lay-Out)

The machine and plant technology has been designed due to latest knowledge's of the preparation- and processing technology. Optionally granules or pallets can be produced. The official opening is scheduled for October 2000.

  • Wet preparation with best regards
  • Post-sorting ------< Storage and mixing plant
  • Granulating- lines with gravimetric dosing unit (alternatively)
  • Unit for molded pallets due to "Low-pressure-molding"- technique
  • Removal-Roboter
  • Pallet-welding-unit
  • Water preparation and re-cooling-unit with heating- recovery


Press release 12/1998

presents: a complete plant is build

an order for the entire project management, as well as for the delivery of different plastics recycling machines for a new factory in overseas was placed with Messrs

The annual throughput capacity amounts to approx 25.000 t mixed plastics and the field of production, on which the different production line are installed, has a size of approx 8.000 m2 Messrs. was already involved in the design of the production building.

latest recycling technologies have been integrated in this plant, especially the LPM (Low-Pressure-Molding technique) which makes it possible to

manufacture large-sized molded pieces (e.g. plastic pallets) in one piece, even in the large size of 1.200 x 1.200 mm

The factory in question must probably be the largest plastic recycling plant for the production of various products world - wide at present an consist of:

  • Wet and dry preparation line incl. pelletzing and agglomeration
  • Storage and Mixing plant
  • 5-Lines with sixfold stations for molded pieces each Type E160 SP-6 for the production of pallets.
  • 4 pieces "Low-pressure-molding"-machines for the production of containers

as well as auxiliary plants like:

  • chemical-physical water preparation
  • laboratory for input- and production control with injection molding machine.

View into the production building


Plasticrecycling in one hand

Large-scale order for

New technologies in the processing of mixed plastics.

A major contract for the construction of a complete plastics recycling plant was placed with Messrs. Advance Recycling Technology, Bad Oeynhausen.


The complete modern plant has been handed over to the customer in September 1997

According to this new - know how and after completion of the whole plant, granules and plastics pallets for various branches of industry are going to be produced of mixed and used plastics (also deriving from household collections, DSD).

The total order value of the project amounts to approx. 9 Mio. DM. The capacity of the plant (layout enclosed) comes up to approx. 12,000 t/a waste plastics and consists of:

A. wet preparation technique with

  • single-stage reduction
  • three-stage separation
  • reprocessing heavy fraction
  • drying, storage internal water preparation and

B. processing to molded pieces (pallets) and granules:

  • Centerpiece of the plant is a new multifunctional low pressure molding system (here, 2 lines with 6 pallet-mold stations, each and furthermore, the molded pieces are removed by means of a robot)
  • and a hot die face cutting granulation and a station to put the granules in sacks.

The complete planning and engineering work were achieved in our company's office in Bad Oeynhausen, as well as the supervision of these construction of the special machines and plants that are designed according to the developments and technical instructions of the -Team.

Since 1991 Messrs. expanded steadily and in 1996 a new office building with approx. 500 m² was erected and moved into, new employees were engaged.

Especially for the production of pallets made of secondary plastics, Messrs. developed procedures and pallets (which are protected by the German Patent Office) together with Messrs. PALETTI, resident in the same building and who deals with the sale of products and pallets made of recycled plastics.

Lay-out of the

- plastics recycling-plant for the production of molded pieces (pallets) and granules

Throughput capacity:
approx. 12,000 t waste plastic / year


A.R.T.® Recycling Technik GmbH - Valdorfer Str. 32 - 32545 Bad Oeynhausen
Telefon: 05731 / 96232
Telefax: 05731 / 980381

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