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Plastics recycling and processing plants- complete solution

Latest state-of-the-art technology

converts many years of experience in the field of preparation and production of finished products out of mixed plastics into competent plant design and plastics recycling. Thus our know-how has some direct influence in new plant concepts.

New development in the technology, design of plant and processing made us one of the leading companies in this industry.

We make out tailor-made installations beginning with material preparation via technology up to product development and mold design.

Take advantage of our experience in the field of manufacturing plants and environmental technology.



Dry preparation

dry preparation plants are an economic alternative.


In the dry purification process with following agglomeration high throughputs under minimal energy use are achieved


Wet preparation

Due to ´s optimum design of preparation plants secondary plastic of different origin are separated in a four-stage system, impurities are catched separately and are then prepared for the following processing. Plant capacities of up to 2.000 kg/h are possible - the basis for an economic useful recycling.



Plants for the production of




Profiles could be made of dry prepared mixed plastics. As soon as the prepared plastics have been melted and homogenized in - special extruders they are led to the fully automatic round table system (revolving system). Now you can choose to produce in one working cycle between 18 different types of finished products (round, square, star-shaped, channeled) in different dimensions. Thanks to a closed cooling system and a fully automatic output, one can achieve capacities of up to 400 kg/h.


Plants for the production of

Molded pieces


Molded pieces (plant, plates, pallets etc.) could be produced according to wall thickness desired and using purpose out of dry or wet prepared mixed plastics. These special plants for the processing work according to the new low-pressure-molding procedure and could achieve a capacity of approx. 600 kg/h.
These new and multi-flexible extrusion lines could be equipped with different follow-up mold stations, too. The choice of the mold station depends on the finished article to be produced.


Plants for the production of



Granules are made of pure or washed and separated waste plastics deriving from trade and industry.
The regranulation plants consist of:

  • Granulating extruder with degassing unit, twin forced feeder (for film chips)
  • Continuous screen pack changer and
  • Hot die face cutting pelletizer.

Throughput capacities of up to 1.000 kg/h (depending on extruder type and raw material). Owing to the use of proven forced feeders pre-densifying is not absolutely necessary.


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